Folk Tales

by Vincent Mische

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released May 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Vincent Mische New London, Minnesota

I'm a songwriter. I write lyrically astute songs that mean something to me. My age doesn't matter to me, and if it matters to you, I am 25 years old. The town I live in doesn't matter to you, but it matters to me, and it is called Willmar. My state is good. Minnesota is home to me. Of course other people lived in Minnesota, and I don't know them. If I knew somebody, it wouldn't matter... ... more

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Track Name: Near Water's Edge
Smiled at the sunshine
Clapped my hands over my eyes
and landed on the grass.
The birds they were singing
the news they were bringing
was good news and I knew that it would last.
It rained so hard last night
The grass was still wet too
I didn't know if it was raindrops or dew on the grass.
On the grass.

Peeked through my fingers
saw a lonely cloud had lingered
after the rains had fallen down.
Sometimes it gave me shade
not too long did it stay
it's like it didn't want to bother anyone.
The wind blew it slow
south of Minneota
heard it was hot there
They'd be happy that it'd go on to pass.
On to pass.

From the grass I stood up straight tall and laughed
as a gust caught up and took my hat
and dropped it into a stream.
As the current took it around the bend,
knowing I'd never see that hat again,
I wasn't willing to lose my steam.
Near water's edge I grabbed some mud
and threw it in my eyes.
I wasn't particularly blind
but perhaps it would help me see better.
C better.

Now that I had on my beauty mask
there were questions I'd wanted to ask
I've wanted to ask you for so long.
When I try I gain a speech impediment
one day I'll get way ahead of it.
I'll just white you wa yo wone sawng!
The trees and the bees
will teach me to shelter and sting.
I'll learn all I can
or turn tail on these things to write a letter.
A letter.

I inhaled so deep I coughed a bit
Haven't lit up a cigarette since I quit
it seems I've started a fire in your heart.
My feet told me I should go
what direction I didn't know
my choices were to stop or start.
The moon was in the sky
the sun was setting fast
I didn't recognize
the houses I walked past into the town.
To the town.

Found my home on Redwood street
Hunkered down didn't have much to eat
except rice lentils and beans.
Called you and the boys and girls
to invite you all to come over
but it look like only I was hungry.
I let my mind unwind
thoughts and feet had to stir
I guess that I was glad at the world I had found.
I had found.

Smiled at the sunshine, clapped my hands over my eyes and landed on the grass!
Track Name: Better Believe It
As far as I can see she landed on me and wouldn't let go if I asked.
I thought that it was strange how tightly she did hang on two of the wings of my back.
I walked into the dark and she told me to stop. I replied, "I'd just be resting my eyes."
Suddenly fell a tree, it almost landed on me and she didn't seem surprised.

Sometime sooner never will end.
Sometime later forever we'll be friends.

I snuck into the sewer searching for an evil doer and found her at the bottom holding a lamp.
She helped me down the ladder and then we heard the pitter patter of feet moving deep in the damp.
She wanted on the level and brought me up carrying her shovel she used to dig up my muddied name.
Completely drenched in waters, still looking like the daughters of St. Jerome in his fame.

Hair got so I couldn't see. She said, "Come over to me, but I warn you I only ever got to snip wigs."
I said, "I only need a trim." She said, "Well you might as well go to him." I laughed because last time he almost clipped my wings.
Head to toe ended up hairless. Might have said that I was careless for letting somebody work on my locks.
Now my barber's mother nature. She just turns me into caricatures of newer Grandfather Clocks.
Track Name: Spider Song
I walked a mile in a spider's shoes.
It felt like many more miles for that spider.
Begging your pardon, if you don't mind us talking to you,
Could we sit down beside ya ?

Maybe all we need is a little love.
Maybe all we need is a little love.

I smoked the wool off a black sheep's back.
She had one bag for my teacher
Who taught us street in little bo peep's class.
I remember Jack Horner would tease her.

But, maybe all he needs is a little love.
Maybe all he needs is a little love.

The last news I heard about the dish and the spoon,
Who ran away with eachother,
They were both sitting comfortable and quiet in a cottage on the moon
Selling paper mâché flowers.

Maybe all they needed was a little love.
Maybe all they needed was love.
Maybe all we need is a little love.
Maybe all we need is love.
Track Name: When Demeter's Daughters Dance
Autumn leaves are leaving me every time I see them fall
I am saddened by the sticks and branches, yet we manage somehow.
This dusty road's looking different in the orange foreign light.
Where did my wonderous Summer go did it vanish in the night ?

You must see the wind the way it stands when Demeter's daughters dance.

She grows more quickly every day feel the brisk winds take flight.
Hole filled scarf, of green and of brown, breaks down; she buys blankets of white.
Her second daughter fumes alone one warm body she violently seeks.
The man whose pa is top admiral, tho he's been at sail ten thousand weeks.

You must see the wind the way it stands when Demeter's daughters dance.

The youngest one in our family is living in different times.
She pats her rain and claps her thunder her son wondering counting off lights in the skies.
They cast sad looks back at my shore and I bore a smile when they did.
I can't tell you if they saw me. This soulful mama keeps me hid.

You must see the wind the way it stands when Demeter's daughters dance.

Autumn leaves are leaving me every time I see them fall
I am saddened by the sticks and branches yet we manage some how.
All we are now. Here and now.
All you came with was all you saw.